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Foreign Coin Repatriation

what do you do with foreign coin

US Coin in Canada? Canadian Coin in the US?

Global Coin Solutions can help you realize a lot more value than just selling the coin off to be melted down.  GCS will send it cross-border as needed and your organization will be able to recognize a lot more value than mere "cents on the dollar".

Canadian or US coin Outside of North America - What Do You Do?

Global Coin Solutions can help you with that too!  Send us an email or give us a call, we can help!
Canadian coins in the US are a problem.  They can't be used, no one will take them, but also no one will move them back to Canada.  We can take care of that for you!
US coins in Canada? Why just spend them or mix them in with CAD coins when you could realize the value of the exchange rate?  GCS can help you with that!

Foreign Coin mixed in with with your domestic currency?

Our name is "Global" Coin Solutions for a reason.  If you have coins from other countries, even if they are on the other side of the planet, we can help.  Global Coin Solutions accepts all foreign currency, and even if we can't repatriate it, we will still buy it from you.

Transit / Parking Authorities and Foreign Currency

While some transit and parking organizations are going "cash-less", most still accept cash as a form of payment.  If you are still taking cash, you will have foreign currency mixed in.  There is no question about it, just check with your coin processing team and they will confirm that!

All coins have VALUE

Even if we are not able to repatriate all of the coins out there, GCS will still provide value for all coins, even those no longer in circulation.  Those we can't repatriate will be purchased by weight, so everything has value!

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Transit (and other organizations handling cash)


It is so easy for foreign coins to get mixed in with domestic currency. 
If a few foreign coins are collected with the domestic money this is not an issue;
but what if you get 10kg of foreign  currency? Or worse 100kg?  What if you get more???
Global Coin Solutions can help!

Global Coin Solutions foreign coin processing service includes:  
repatriating your foreign coin
and we turn what was a problem into usable funds