Who We Are

foreign currency fundraising
leftover travel money
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Our Team

Global Coin Solutions is the only full service company in North America that focuses on Foreign Currency Fundraising.  

Our team has over 20 years of experience.  During this time, we have collected and processed over 200,000kg in collections worth over $20 Million!  If you are looking for a new fundraising opportunity for your charity, you have come to the right place!

Scott Hutchings - President

Scott's passion to help charities raise funds has driven him to push the envelope.  While this type of collection is a natural for the airlines and airports, it is something completely new for charities in Canada and the US.  

With current projections showing foreign currency at over $750 Million in Canada and over $10 Billion in the US, this is a fundraising segment that has vast potential!

Scott's business background includes over a dozen years with IBM / Lenovo, working in virtually every area of the PC business including long stints in sales, marketing, and finance.  He has also spent several years in small business management and development.

Bel - Lead Sorter

Maribel (Bel) has been sorting currency for over 10 years and is responsible for developing some of the sorting techniques that make the GCS operation so effective.  She manages a small but highly driven team.

J.P. - Sorter

J.P. is the newest full-time member of our team having joined us full time in March of 2018.  He has worked with GCS for almost 2 years prior to that in various capacities.  He has brought a fresh outlook to our processes and is a great team worker.

Fabio - Part Time

Fabio is our newest employee having joined us less than 6 months ago.  He is also part time.

Fabio is Autistic and has been chosen specifically for his abilities.  He is most comfortable doing repetitive tasks and we have quite a few.  This is a win / win scenario for GCS - we have a need and Fabio is the solution!

Our Services

Foreign Currency Fundraising

foreign currency fundraising
leftover travel money
leftover vacation money

Everyone has foreign currency lying around collecting dust ... why not put it to great use and start a fundraising drive or campaign?

A Partner In Your Success

foreign currency fundraising
leftover travel money
leftover vacation money

You do the Fundraising while GCS takes care of the rest

Foreign Coin Repatriation

leftover currency
penny drive
foreign currency and coin exchange
workplace fundraising ideas

If your business handles cash, you will have foreign currency ... you just may not know it  ;-)

Partnering with Global Coin Solutions


GCS cannot be successful if you aren't!  We are committed to your programs working, and working well!!


GCS's success is dependent upon yours ... you can be assured that we will pull out all the stops to share what we know


From collections to logistics to working directly with your partners, we will provide you with the necessary support

Expertise in the Right Place

You are the fundraising experts ... we are the experts in logistics and currency repatriation; together, we have the expertise for SUCCESS!!!

Customizing a Program for Your Needs

There is no "one size fits all" fundraising program.  

We work with you to determine what is best for you and your partners

All Currency Has Value

GCS provides value for all currencies collected, even if they are low value of out of circulation


Cash Matters


Cash is still the most attractive means of payment for a huge majority of people worldwide. Cash ensures stable currency systems. It is not only the most secure means of payment and resilient in terms of crisis, it also reflects a nation’s identity as banknotes and coins are often a nation’s calling card, valued by people beyond their monetary worth.